The benefits of increasing SMR brainwave activity

6 Benefits on Increasing SMR (12-15Hz) Brainwave Activity

When using brainwave entrainment stimulation, the SMR (Sensorimotor Rhythm) frequency range between 12-15Hz has many different potential benefits.

#1 – Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress

When you are experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress, you will usually be producing an elevated amount of higher beta activity, between 20-30Hz or higher.  Listening to the SMR frequencies between 12-15Hz can help to reduce those feelings, down to a manageable level at the bottom of the Beta range.

If your anxiety is pretty severe, you may want to try going down even further to low Alpha 8.5Hz, with my Anxiety Relief session.   For severe stress, my Stress Relief isochronic tones tracks go down even further to 6.5Hz in Theta. Read more