Relaxed Focus – Isochronic Tones


Each track length: 30 minutes or 3 hours
Entrainment method: Isochronic Tones and Amplitude Entrainment
Format: Mp3 download


This is a brainwave entrainment music track using amplitude entrainment effects and isochronic tones embedded into the music.  The music is subtly distorted and vibrates in unison with the same frequency as the isochronic tones.

By combining and blending these two brain stimulation methods together, this results in a study music track that is both very effective and pleasant to listen to.  This brainwave entrainment session cycles through a frequency range of between 10Hz in Alpha, (which can help with relaxation and learning), and up to 15Hz in the Beta range, (which will help with increasing focus and concentration).


Light Relax 24 Light Relax 24
Orchestral 2VJ Orchestral 2VJ
Tranquil Mood 16 Tranquil Mood 16
Tranquil Mood 23 Tranquil Mood 23
Warm Ambience 49 Warm Ambience 49

Do You Need Headphones?

No, headphones are not required for this track.

How loud should the volume be?

Adjust the volume to a level you feel comfortable with.

Mp3 Downloads

Download the full high-quality Mp3s and listen to them anytime on:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • Tablets, MP3 players
  • Or burn them to a CD
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Background Sounds

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Brain Entrainment Method


Product Format

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