Subconscious Mind Power Theta Wave Meditation with Isochronic Tones


This track uses theta wave tones associated with deep meditative mental states, astral projection, inner guidance and long-term memory stimulation.

Each track length: 3 Hours
Entrainment method: Isochronic Tones and Amplitude Entrainment
Format: Mp3 download


This track uses theta wave tones associated with deep meditative mental states, astral projection, inner guidance and long-term memory stimulation.

How does it work?

This is a brainwave entrainment audio session using isochronic tones combined with music.  The isochronic tones are the repetitive beats you can hear on top of the music throughout the track.  If brainwave entrainment and isochronic tones are new concepts for you, there is some information about that and how it works here: How Isochronic Tones Work.

To add further power to the stimulation, amplitude modulation effects have been applied to the music which produces soothing vibrations that are synced with the isochronic tones.

The Theta wave frequencies used in this track and the benefits that have been linked with and associated with them:

  • 4Hz – On the theta/delta range border; linked with extrasensory perception (ESP), astral projection and telepathy.
  • 4.5Hz – Shamanic state of consciousness.
  • 5.5Hz – Inner guidance, intuition.
  • 6Hz – Long-term memory stimulation.
  • 6.3Hz – Mental and astral projection, accelerated learning and increased memory stimulation.

The tones stay at each frequency for 2 minutes, then take a minute to ramp up or down to the next frequency on the scale. The track begins at 4Hz and gradually steps up to 6.3Hz where the first cycle completes and then works its way back down to 4Hz again, where the same stepped cycle repeats until the end.


Cloud Meditation Cloud Meditation
Just Tones Just Tones

Note: Laptop speakers are usually too small to produce enough bass to hear the entrainment tones effectively. So for better sound quality and results, we recommend using external speakers or headphones.

Mp3 Downloads

Download the full high-quality Mp3s and listen to them anytime on:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • iPad, iPods etc.
  • Mp3 player
  • Or burn them to a CD

Listening Instructions

  • I recommend listening to this with your eyes closed, as that will naturally help you to produce more theta brainwave activity.
  • Drink a glass of water before each session, to make sure you are well hydrated.

speakers-or-headphonesEquipment Required?

You can listen to this track with or without headphones/earbuds.

  • Mp3 player – Plug in external speakers to your mp3 player/iPod or use a music docking station.
  • Laptop/tablet – A laptop/tablet can be used but you may need external speakers if you are unable to hear the isochronic tones clearly.
  • CD/DVD Player – If you have access to a CD/DVD player in the bedroom, you can burn the mp3 track onto a disc and use that.
  • External Speakers – If you are listening on a laptop, you will probably find that the speakers are very small, which means it'll probably be hard to hear the Isochronic Tones effectively.  So I recommend plugging in some external speakers for laptops.

Background Music Credit: ‘Ben D – Cloud Meditation'
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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