7Hz Theta Waves Isochronic Tones


This Theta meditation isochronic tones tracks beat at 7Hz all the way through and will help you reach a deeply relaxed mental state in low Theta.  There is also a 5Hz Theta Waves version available.

Ideal for using as a meditation aid, to de-stress and relax.

Each track length: 30 minutes
Entrainment method: Isochronic Tones
Format: MP3 download


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These 7Hz Theta Waves brainwave entrainment tracks contain isochronic tones.  The tones beat consistently at 7Hz (7 times per second) throughout the entire 30-minute track, without any ramps in frequency, either up or down.

This Theta track can be used for meditation, relaxation and to de-stress.

The diagram below shows how this straightforward single frequency session is constructed:

7Hz isochronic tones session in Theta
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Soundtrack Options for this Theta Waves Session

This 7Hz session comes with a number of options.  The ‘Just Tones' version doesn't have any music, just the pure sound of the isochronic tones.  The Just Tones version will provide the strongest method of brainwave entrainment, but you may find it easier to listen to when combined with your own music.

I have also created a selection of ready-made soundtracks that I have embedded to 7Hz session into.


Here is a short demo of each theta waves track version:

Meditative Relax 6V: Meditative Relax 6V
Singing Bowls with Rain: Singing Bowls with Rain
Tranquil Mood 1J: Tranquil Mood 1J
Warm Ambience 8: Warm Ambience 8
Just Tones (no soundtrack): Just Tones

Mp3 Downloads

Each track is supplied as a downloadable MP3 file, which can be played on the following devices:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • iPad, iPods etc.
  • Mp3 player
  • Or burn them to a CD

Listening Instructions

  • Find a quiet comfortable place to sit and relax, and listen with your eyes closed.
  • It's best to listen to this during the morning or afternoon.
  • If you listen to Theta waves too close to your bedtime it might disrupt your sleep.
  • If you are listening in a particularly noisy environment, headphones are recommended.
  • This track can be looped/repeated if you're looking for a longer session.

Are headphones requiredHeadphones Are Not Required

  • Headphones are not required, but using them can sometimes result in a more deeper brainwave entrainment experience because they will help block out external noise and distractions.
  • If you do use headphones either the small ‘in-ear' earphones, or the bigger ‘over ear' headphones are fine, but you may find headphones with a deeper bass sound more pleasant to listen to.

Theta Waves Infographic and Research

Theta waves infographic

Background Sounds

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