5Hz Isochronic Tones – Optional Pitch and Track Length


Each track length: 15, 30 or 60 minutes
Choice of deeper or sharper sounding tones
Entrainment method: Isochronic Tones
Format: Mp3 download

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  • 5Hz is in the low theta frequency range
  • Experienced during states of deep relaxation and meditation
  • Wakeful dreaming
  • A slow and relaxing frequency

Claims Found Associated with the 5Hz Frequency Online

The following claims, links and references have been associated with this frequency online.  I can't confirm the validity of this information or how effective this frequency will be for these purposes, but you may find it useful as a starting point for your own personal testing and analysis.

  • Problem solving

How the Tracks are Constructed

  • Each track contains pure 5Hz isochronic tones throughout the whole track, with no additional sound or frequencies used.
  • The 15, 30 and 60-minute tracks contain no fades/ramps at either end of the track


120Hz – Deeper Sounding 120 Hz
180Hz – Sharper Sounding 180Hz

Which Pitch Frequency Should You Choose?

The pitch frequency of the tones relates to what they sound like, not the speed of the beat.  Neither pitch frequency is necessarily better than the other in terms of brainwave entrainment effectiveness.  So the choice option is down to your personal preference and how you plan to use it.

  • 120Hz pitch frequency is the deeper sounding option.  The deeper sounding tone is often a good choice if used for deep relaxation or sleeping to, as it's more soothing to listen to.
  • 180Hz pitch frequency sounds sharper to listen to.  A good option if you want to listen to it during the daytime without falling asleep.

Listening on a Mobile Device?

The speakers on some mobile devices can be quite small and produce a weak bass sound.  This might mean the deeper sounding 120Hz pitch tracks are harder to hear on those types of devices.  So if you find that's the case with your mobile device, I advise listening to the 120Hz tracks using earphones, to ensure you can hear the tones more clearly.  Check by using the demo above.

Both pitch frequencies should work well if listened to with earphones/headphones.

Using With Other Sounds or Music

The strongest brainwave entrainment effect comes from listening to the pure sound of isochronic tones, without any added soundtrack.  However, they are also widely used in combination with other sounds, to make them more pleasant to listen to.   If you decide to mix the tones with other soundtracks it's a bit of a trade-off.

If you do plan to listen to the tones in combination with other sounds or music, you could choose the pitch frequency which best suits your purpose.  For example:

  • If you plan to combine the tones with deeper, softer soundtracks, the 120Hz tracks will blend into the track more.
  • If you plan to combine the tones with higher-pitched electronic, pop or even some classical music, you may find the 180Hz tracks blend better with those.

It again comes down to your choice.  Some people prefer the sound of the tones to blend more into other soundtracks they combine them with, so they sound less invasive.  However, the more they blend into another soundtrack and become harder to hear, the less effective they become in terms of pure brainwave entrainment effect.  Again, it's a trade-off.

Peak Sine Waveform

These new ‘Just Tones' tracks use a new type of waveform which is designed to stimulate a stronger reaction in your brainwave activity.  The initial sharp peak at the beginning of the waveform imitates the shape of neuronal oscillations.  The end of the waveform mirrors the shape of a typical sine wave.  Hence why I've called it a ‘peak sine'.

This combination of a sharp peak followed by a smooth wave is designed to produce a strong stimulation effect that is more pleasant to listen to.


Profile of the waveform serves to imitate neuronal oscillations

Do You Need Headphones?

No, headphones are not required for this track.

Mp3 Downloads

Download the full high-quality Mp3s and listen to them anytime on:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • Tablets, MP3 players
  • Or burn them to a CD
Pitch Frequency

120Hz – Deeper Sounding, 180Hz – Sharper Sounding

Track Length

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