ADD/ADHD Relief – Isochronic Tones


This session is designed to speed up your brain while keeping your left brain hemisphere dominant. This is good for increasing concentration, attention and reducing emotional response and hyperactivity.

Each track length: 25 minutes
Entrainment method: Isochronic Tones
Format: Mp3 download


Correct a Brain Hemisphere Imbalance Commonly Found in Those With ADD/ADHD

ADD-ADHD-Relief-suite-400Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are usually characterized by “slow-wave” EEG patterns, particularly in the left frontal region. This session stimulates the left brain hemisphere with higher frequencies than the right.

Note: Each brain hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. So to stimulate the left brain hemisphere the frequency is played in the ‘right ear', and to stimulate the right hemisphere that frequency is sent to the ‘left ear'.

Both ears start with the 10Hz frequency, then ramp up until the 6-minute mark. At this stage, the right ear (left brain hemisphere) receives 18Hz for an extended period, and the left ear (right brain hemisphere) receives 13Hz.

7 Different Background Tracks Included

You get the 7 Mp3s listed below, so you can choose the sound that suits your mood.  Each contains the exact same frequency session, but with an alternative background option.

Here is a short demo of each version:

Ambient:  Ambient
Beach Waves:  Beach Waves
Heavy Rain:  Heavy Rain
Piano:  Piano
Thunderstorm:  Thunderstorm
Whale sounds:  Whale sounds
Just Tones (no soundtrack):  Just Tones

Note: Laptop speakers are usually too small to produce enough bass to hear the entrainment tones effectively. So for better sound quality and results, we recommend using external speakers or headphones.

Mp3 Downloads

Download the full high-quality Mp3 versions of the ADD – ADHD Relief, and listen to them anytime you wish on:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • iPad, iPods etc.
  • Mp3 player
  • Or burn them to a CD

Listening Instructions

  • You can either listen to this track as a form of meditation with your eyes closed or listen to it while doing an activity that you want to increase your focus for, like studying or reading.
  • If you are using this while doing an activity, you can listen with your eyes open.
  • If you are listening to it as a form of meditation, you may find the experience more powerful with your eyes closed, and if you try to concentrate on the repetitive sound of the tones.

speakers-or-headphonesHeadphones ARE Required

  • Headphones ARE required, as each ear is sent a different frequency.  Any headphones will do, as you don't need anything top of the range.  Either the small ‘in-ear' earphones or the bigger ‘over ear' headphones are fine.
Background Sounds

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Brain Entrainment Method

Track Length

Product Format

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