Gamma Hyperfocus Energy Booster (Just Tones)


Isochronic tones rising to 40Hz in Gamma. Useful for maintaining a high level of energy during a workout session.

Track length: 1 Hour
Entrainment method: Isochronic Tones
Format: MP3 download


High Energy Booster

Isochronic tones rising to 40Hz in Gamma. Useful for maintaining a high level of energy during a workout session. Can also be used for intense study sessions.

How it Works

gamma hyperfocus energy booster

The session begins at 8Hz and quickly begins to rise up to 40Hz by the 8-minute mark. The frequency changes every 15 seconds by 1Hz to create a sense of rising energy.

Once the session reaches 40Hz it fluctuates randomly between 38Hz-40Hz. This is done to help keep you energized, tuned in and alert.

The random nature of the frequency change helps to prevent your brain from getting too familiar and used to the same frequency. This can be especially helpful to ensure the track stays effective if you use this session regularly when working out.

With Stepped Ramps

Isochronic tones ramps comparison - stepped

When the frequency of the isochronic tones changes from one to another, I normally use 1 of 3 different ramps in my sessions. Usually, I use the straight ramp that's displayed in the graphic above because it's more gradual and less noticeable.

However, with this track, I've used stepped ramps, as shown in the highlighted red box. This creates a more noticeable change in frequency, as the change happens instantly instead of gradually.

I find this stepped ramp to be very useful when trying to create an energized and highly alert mental state. Especially when the frequency is rising. Listen to the demo below

Track Demos

Just Tones Gamma Hyperfocus Energy Booster – Just Tones

Mp3 Downloads

Download the full high-quality MP3 versions of Gamma Hyperfocus Energy Booster and listen to them anytime you wish on:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • iPad, iPods etc.
  • Mp3 player
  • PC or Mac

Listening Instructions

  • Headphones are not required for this track. Although you might fight the experience is more intense if you do wear them.
  • Listen to this track while running, working out or during an intense study session to make you feel more alert.
  • You can listen to the tones on their own or at the same time as listening to your own music.
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