Pink Noise, 1,8,10 or 12 Hour Versions – Ambient Soundscape


This track can be used for sleep, meditation and for blocking out unwanted distractions and annoying noises like tinnitus.

Format: Mp3 download
Length: 1,8,10 or 12 Hour Versions
Brainwave entrainment used: None – just noise

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The soothing sound of pink noise can be helpful to block out distracting background sounds and be used for relaxation or sleep.

  • No brainwave entrainment tones are contained in this track.
  • Use to help you relax or fall asleep
  • May provide relief for conditions like tinnitus
  • You can even use them to help get your baby off to sleep or calm your dog

How Does Pink Noise Differ from White and Brown Noise?

  • White Noise: Sounds like TV static. It uses a random mix of high and low frequencies across the entire spectrum.
  • Pink Noise: The higher frequencies are not as loud, so pink noise is generally more pleasant to listen to than white noise.
  • Brown Noise: This uses mostly lower frequencies and is the most soothing sound of the 3.

Audio Sample

Pink Noise: Pink Noise

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