8, 10 or 12 Hours of Brown Noise – Ambient Soundscapes


A downloadable 8 hour MP3 track of continuous brown noise, for sleep, meditation and for blocking out unwanted distractions & annoying noises like tinnitus.

Format: Mp3 download
Length: 8 Hours
Brainwave entrainment used: None – just noise


NOTE: The 8 hour brown noise track I have on YouTube contains a dip in volume every hour, because I created it by looping a 1 hour track, which had the volume fading in and out at both ends.  This 8 hour track has a constant volume and doesn't contain any changes in volume in the middle of the track.

The soothing sound of brown noise can be helpful to block out distracting background sounds and be used for relaxation or sleep.

  • No brainwave entrainment tones are contained in this track.
  • Use to help you relax or fall asleep
  • May provide relief for conditions like tinnitus
  • You can even use them to help get your baby off to sleep or calm your dog

How Does Brown Noise Differ from White and Pink Noise?

  • White Noise: Sounds like TV static. It uses a random mix of high and low frequencies across the entire spectrum.
  • Pink Noise: The higher frequencies are not as loud, so pink noise is generally more pleasant to listen to than white noise.
  • Brown Noise: This uses mostly lower frequencies and is the most soothing sound of the 3.

Audio Sample

Brown Noise: Brown Noise

Get The MP3…

With this MP3 version you can listen to it anytime without having to be online.

MP3 music files can be played on the following:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • iPad, iPods etc.
  • Mp3 player
  • Laptop/PC
  • Or you can burn them to an MP3/data CD
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