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Trouble Downloading?

Having trouble downloading or opening the zip files to your Android or Apple tablet, smart phone or other device?

The Isochronic Tones products contain multiple Mp3 files.  So to reduce the number of files you have to download, each bundle of 7 mp3s is contained inside an archive, called a ‘zip file'.  You download this single zip file to your computer or mobile etc., then you ‘unzip’ or ‘extract’ the files to access each Mp3.

On Windows computers, double click on the zip file, and you should see an option at the top of the window to ‘Extract the files’.  Click on that and choose a folder to put your Mp3 files into.

Android Users

Android mobiles don’t always come with the ability to open zip files as standard.  Go to Google play and search for ‘AndroZip File Manager’ which is a free app.  Once installed, open that and it should find your zip files and allow you to unzip them.Apple Users

Apple Users

If you use a Mac the downloaded files may automatically extract to a new folder, depending on your settings. The original zip archive will be saved; check for a folder with the same name as your zip file.  There's also a free software program called iZip which will help you to open and manage zip files, available here:


How do I Download the mp3's to my iPad or iPhone?

IPads and iPhones can be a little tricky to download files to directly.  For best results I recommend using the Safari browser when trying to access and download the MP3 files.  I've tested downloading with Google Chrome and the MP3 just plays in the browser window instead of downloading, so stick with using Safari.  Once fully downloaded, find and click on your ‘Files' app (it looks like a blue folder) and the file(s) should be found inside the downloads folder in there.

If you still experience problems, please get in touch.

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