Wake Up Without Caffeine - Forest SoundsFor more information about this track and how to use it, visit the main product page here: Wake Up Without Caffeine – Forest Sounds

NOTE: This is the original video version of this track, which includes sounds of bees in the forest soundtrack.  After listening to lots of feedback from people who didn't like the bee noises, I re-recorded the MP3 download version of this track which now does not include the bee sounds.  You can watch the new video version of this track here: Wake Up Without Caffeine video (no bees).

Use this session in the morning as a caffeine replacement, or any time you need an energy boost. This session uses a slow binaural beat with a rising pitch to create an extremely energizing effect. Added to the rising pitch is a simple 18 Hz (Beta) stimulus to further wake and energize the listener.

Headphones are required for this track

Binaural beats work by sending a different frequency into each each.  It's the different in each frequency which creates a beat sound inside your head.  For this to work correctly, each each needs to hear each separate frequency clearly, which is why you need to use headphones.

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