Anxiety and Stress isochronic tones videos

This video is designed to help relieve performance anxiety before a test/exam. Listen to the track prior to an exam to help calm your nerves, and reduce feelings of anxiety or stress.

The audio track uses isochronic tones to cycle through a range of alpha and beta frequencies. This combination is used to help provide some anxiety relief, while still maintaining a high level of focus.

10Hz Alpha range beats are used to lower stress and anxiety levels.

It also stimulates each ear with different Beta frequencies (13Hz to 19Hz). A higher frequency is sent into your right ear during certain parts of the cycle. This helps to correct a hemispheric imbalance, which commonly occurs before an anxiety producing event; like a test/exam. Because of the frequency difference in each ear, you will need to use headphones to get the full benefit from this track.

Anxiety and Stress Videos

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      Jason Lewis says:

      Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions on the music I used in this video, I can only use this particular soundtrack on Youtube. So I'm afraid this specific version will only be available on YouTube. However, I will also look at producing a downloadable version with different soundtracks.


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