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Amplitude entrainment effects

This is a brainwave entrainment music track using isochronic tones combined with music.  The music has also been embedded with amplitude entrainment effects, where the music is subtly distorted and vibrates in unison with the same frequency of the isochronic tones.  This helps to add further strength to the entrainment effect.

This music can be used for longer study or homework sessions and will help you to maintain a good level of concentration and focus, while also increasing brainwave activity associated with memory and learning.

This brainwave entrainment session cycles through a frequency range of between 10Hz in Alpha, (which can help with memorization and learning), and up to 14Hz in the Beta range, (which will help with increasing focus and concentration).

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7 replies
  1. Avatar
    Hala El- Khoury says:

    I love this track so much!!

    Recently, I'd been struggling to study and focus and maintain my focus for some reason… (Which is unusual for me)
    But as soon as I started listening to this track, I had a surge of work performance!
    There's something very encouraging about this music, it's rhythmical and constant! Also, universal. Thank you for making this!!

  2. Avatar
    K Fe says:

    I agree with Hala. It helps me a lot to focus on my studies. There is something different in this track from the others. It's unbelievable how I can improve my concentration while I'm studying. Thank you sooo much and, please, make more tracks like this! Thank you!

  3. Avatar
    RbBify says:

    Thanks for the new track, this helps me a lot.
    Btw, I'm studying right now…
    This is the only thing that's keeping me focused right now…


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