Seasonal Affective Disorder Meditation Mood Booster – Isochronic Tones. People who suffer from depression and in particular Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), are often found to have too much Theta activity in the brain during the day (4Hz to 8Hz). The Isochronic Tones in this brainwave entrainment session will help to elevate your brainwave activity to a higher frequency range and help to improve your mood. 🙂

The isochronic tones in this track begin at 10Hz, then ramp unto to 20Hz by the 7-minute mark. It stays at 20Hz for 10 minutes before gradually dropping down to 15Hz for a brief period. It then ramps back up to 20Hz for another repeat of the 10-minute 20Hz cycle. I drop the frequency down to 15Hz like this to help ensure the track isn't too intense, especially for those people listening over a long period.


Headphones are not required for this track.