Peak Focus For Complex Tasks - pianoFor more information about this track and how to use it, visit the main product page here: Peak Focus For Complex Tasks – Piano

This is a high intensity audio brainwave entrainment session, using isochronic tones. Listen to this when you need a strong burst of intense focus to concentrate and study things like advanced mathematics, scientific formulas, financial analysis or any other complex mental activity. Isochronic tones produce a deeper waveform and a more distinct beat, which results in a more effective and stronger stimulation of your brainwaves, compared to the older brainwave entrainment method of binaural beats.

The session starts off beating at 10Hz and ramps up to 18Hz by the 6 minute mark. It stays at 18Hz for the next 48 minutes, then at the 54th minute mark it starts to gradually ramp back down to 10Hz again.

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    John Gregory says:

    dude your stuff is seriously amazing. Way better than any other bineral based videos or music. Keep it up! I mean that. You do amazing work

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    mikkij77 says:

    It's beautiful the music, that is…I do not see a video …. but if this works in getting me to stay on task , Wow!!! i shall be grateful and buying more in the future…..Thank you for the demos


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