Memorization Study Aid - ambient rhythmFor more information about this track and how to use it, visit the main product page here: Memorization Study Aid – Ambient Rhythm

This 3 hour isochronic tones track is for using over a longer study period, to help you memorize what you are studying/revising. Once you have mastered and understood the material you are learning, you can use this to help improve your ability to memorize and recall that information, by revising and absorbing it while in a heightened Alpha state.

If you are problem solving, or working on new complex mental tasks, you may benefit from using a higher Beta frequency range to boost your concentration levels.

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    joao romario says:

    I don't know how this works but thanks… I just realised I've been more relaxed and focused while revising for exams…. !

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    babydsmama says:

    I don't really understand how isochronics (or binural beats, etc.) work but this track especially helps me to focus so much when I'm studying! I've experimented with other ambient music and this one really resonates with me for some reason. Doesn't make me sleepy like meditation music, and doesn't distract me like piano music. Thank you!

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    Tim-J.Swan says:

    This is amazing! It's on par with a really great piano music video that I had but doesn't lure me to sleep. It's like my brain is in this exciting video game where studying is the fun gameplay. I can focus and stay motivated pretty well.

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    Genieve Taylor says:

    Out of all the study videos that I have searched for. I find this one to be my favorite! Thank you so much! It helps so much!

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    Neethu P says:

    20 minutes in and I haven't even realized the time going by. I want to think it might be the placebo effect in play but I'm pumped up and memorizing my bio notes a lot faster than usual. Whatever the Alpha and Beta frequency ranges are, it's working for my last minute cram studying and I can't thank you more!


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