Meditation and relaxation videos - isochronic tones

Deep Theta Meditation Music – Ambient Raindrops. A meditation aid to help you relax and reach a deep state of consciousness.

What is this?

This is a ‘brainwave entrainment' music track using isochronic tones and amplitude entrainment effects embedded into the music. These tones and effects are used to stimulate and influence your brainwave activity, guiding your conscious mind down into a deeply relaxed meditative state.

► If you are new to this type of audio brainwave entrainment, find out how isochronic tones work here:

The isochronic tones start to beat at the 12Hz frequency in the low beta range. During the daytime when we are awake and alert our brain will usually be producing more beta brainwave activity. So this is where the track begins.

The frequency of the tones then starts to ramp downwards, gradually getting slower and slower. At around the 5-minute mark, the tones reach 8Hz at the top end of the relaxing theta range. They then take a slow descent, taking you further and further into a deeper meditative state. At 14 minutes you reach 5.5Hz, near the bottom of the theta frequency range, where the tones stay and hold you for the remainder of this 60-minute track.

How to use this track

Can be used at any time to relax, meditate or de-stress your mind. Sit in a comfortable position and either listen with your eyes closed or while staring at the moving images on the screen, letting your mind wander and drift into the abyss.


Headphones are not required for this particular session. But, if you can use headphones, I always recommend it. When you use headphones it helps to block out any peripheral sound in the room, and I personally find the entrainment experience to be more powerful when using them.