Deep Sleep Music, 8-Hours Low Delta Waves for Sleep – Isochronic Tones This sleep relaxation music uses soothing low delta waves to guide you down into a deep sleep state. Delta is the brainwave frequency range you normally produce during deep sleep.

How does it work?

In addition to the relaxing sleep music soundtrack, this track also contains isochronic tones and amplitude modulation effects applied directly to the music. Amplitude modulation involves a process of distorting the sound to produce vibrations, which vibrate in unison with the frequency of the brainwave entrainment session. These vibrations can sound very hypnotic and relaxing, making them very effective and ideal for a sleep track like this one.

To add further power to the stimulation, amplitude modulation effects have been applied to the music which produces soothing vibrations that are synced with the isochronic tones. More info on how these mind music effects work here:

Frequencies used

The track begins at 4Hz and ramps gradually down to 1Hz at the 5-minute mark. The isochronic tones then cycle up and down between 2Hz to 2Hz throughout the rest of the track.

Headphones are NOT required for this video

How loud should the volume be?

Adjust the volume to a level you feel comfortable with. It shouldn't be so loud that it hurts your ears or becomes too distracting.