This short sleep track is designed to get you to sleep fast. It can be used to help get you off to sleep faster, especially when your time is limited. It can also be helpful to get you back to sleep if you wake up during the night.

Get the MP3 version here – Deep Ambience

How does it work?

In addition to the relaxing sleep music soundtrack, this track also contains isochronic tones and amplitude modulation effects applied directly to the music. Amplitude modulation involves a process of distorting the sound to produce vibrations, which vibrate in unison with the frequency of the brainwave entrainment session. These vibrations can sound very hypnotic and relaxing, making them very effective and ideal for a sleep track like this one.

The isochronic tones start at 10Hz in Alpha, but quickly dive down to 4Hz in Delta by the 2-minute mark, where it then works its way right down to 0.25Hz in sub-Delta.

The pitch of the isochronic tones also ramps downwards, as well as the volume of both the tones and the music track. The overall effect this produces is extremely soothing and relaxing, helping you to slow down your mind, your thoughts and your breathing.