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Study music for creative thinking. This Isochronic Tones session alternates between low beta, alpha and theta frequencies, stimulating creativity but also keeping you awake and alert.

The isochronic tones begin beating at 14Hz in Beta (SMR) for 2 minutes. They then ramp down to 10.2Hz and continue for 2 minutes. From there they ramp down to 5Hz in Theta, for another 2 minutes. The cycle is then repeated until the end of the track.

The concept behind this one is not to keep your brain rooted in one train of thought for too long, by switching to different frequencies/brain states, and then returning back again. The aim is to create a state of creative focus, by increasing beta activity for increased focus, while also boosting alpha and theta activity at the same time, producing a mental environment where different thought processes can inter connect on different levels.

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    Kingwillis10 says:

    This one is awesome now, you play a nice little Zen type tune (an example around 18 minutes in) – seriously that little beat is brilliant <- try extend upon that and make like a 6 hour one lol!! Keep up good work man, your giving away good helpful work for free <- admirable. Namaste.


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