Cognition Enhancer Extended Version - electronicFor more information about this track and how to use it, visit the main product page here: Cognition Enhancer Extended – Electronic

This music can be used for longer study or homework sessions and will help you to maintain a good level of concentration and focus, while at the same time feeling quite relaxed.

This track contains isochronic tones, which is the repetitive beats you hear behind the music. After around 5 or 6 minutes your brainwaves start to synchronize with the frequency of the tones. Then, as the tones change and cycle up and down through a specific frequency range, your brainwaves follow along in step with them. This process is known as brainwave entrainment.

The ‘beat’ frequencies used in this track range between 10 to 20 Hz, which means they beat at between 10 to 20 times per second. At the lowest end of 10Hz, this is known as the Alpha frequency range, which is a reasonably relaxed mental state. At the highest 20Hz frequency you go up into the Beta range. When you are awake, alert and focused during the day, your brain’s dominant frequency will be in the Beta range.

This combination of both alpha and beta frequencies helps to produce a mental state of relaxed focus.

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    Safa lol says:

    I actually use this channel every time I'm doing my homework it's amazing! I can't believe i can just find something on the internet that can make my attention span way longer 🙂 This has got a lot of pages done

  2. Avatar
    Gabrielle Farias says:

    I listen to this track every time that I want to get on a deep state of focus, works instantly on me. When I try to focus without this it is impossible. Thanks for uploading it. I'm making my way to getting into the university and this has been helping me a lot on my work.

  3. Avatar
    Cobalt Blaze says:

    ADHD medicine + this music = time seems to pass slower, able to complete homework 2-3 times faster, thank you Jason Lewis!

  4. Avatar
    Kyla Kersh says:

    Hello Jason Lewis. Thank you for posting this; because, for some, “odd reason”, this helps me complete my homework much more efficiently. So thank you very much.

  5. Avatar
    Christian Homburg says:

    I love this track!! When I'm studying, I put this on and let it fade into the background. Don't try to concentrate on the music, just let it ride. It's really great. I can't explain how much meditation, isochronic, and binuarual tones have really changed my life. Thanks for the hard work

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    Kevin Rhodes Sr. says:

    Thanks…this is good. I've tried Alpha wave tracks but they make me sleepy. This one is actually energetic while keeping me focused on studying!

  7. Avatar
    Gravitational Field says:

    I've listened to this track so many times and it has helped me get through very intensive study periods, thank you for extending this track. This track puts my mind in a focus zone where I can concentrate for many hours without procrastination and distractions. It has enabled me to understand complex topics and made me more productive. :)


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