Health and healing videos - isochronic tones

Boost Serotonin Happiness Meditation 10Hz

This track will help to release serotonin by stimulating and increasing 10Hz brain wave activity. This is based on a 1983 study by Patterson and Capel which found that boosting 10Hz activity boosted serotonin levels.

Get the MP3 version: Boost Serotonin – Ambient Pad 1004

Your brain and body produce serotonin naturally and it plays a major part in controlling your mood, happiness and anxiety. It also plays a part in reducing your appetite while eating.

What frequency modulations and tones are used in this track?

This track contains isochronic tones beating at 10Hz in the alpha wave range. Amplitude entrainment effects have also been embedded into the music, producing 10Hz vibrations.

How to use this track

Listen to this track anytime during the day to help boost your serotonin levels.

– Headphones are not required for this track

How Loud Should The Volume Be?

Just adjust the volume to a level you feel comfortable with.