Better-Sleep-For-Chattery-Minds-400-light-ambienceFor more information about this track and how to use it, visit the main product page here: Better Sleep for Chattery Minds – Light Ambience

This isochronic tones session works a bit differently to my other Sleep Induction track. This track begins at 9.5Hz, and guides you down to the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83Hz in high Theta (12 minutes), which is incredibly effective frequency for deeply relaxing you.

When you mind is on fire with thoughts it can take longer to get yourself relaxed. So instead of trying to bring you down to Delta sleep too quickly, you are stimulated with this 7.83Hz frequency for 40 minutes. Most of the time your body will take itself off to a deep sleep state before this 40 minute mark is reached.

At 40 minutes the frequency starts to ramp downwards to a 1Hz deep Delta state, which it reaches at 45 minutes. The frequency stays at 1Hz for the remaining 15 minutes of the track, helping to ensure you stay in this deep sleep state.