Meditation and relaxation videos - isochronic tones

How to use this track

Can be used at any time to relax, meditate or de-stress your mind. Sit in a comfortable position and either listen with your eyes closed or while staring at the moving images on the screen, letting your mind wander and drift into the abyss.

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Headphones Are Recommended But Not Essential

Because this track also contains auto pan modulations, you will need to wear headphones/earphones to feel the benefit of that. However, this track can still be used and provide a benefit without headphones.

How Mind Music works

  • Amplitude (volume) modulation effects are applied to the music which produces repetitive vibrations.
  • The vibrations stimulate and influence your brainwave activity in the same way that isochronic tones and binaural beats do.
  • The music vibrations produce quite a soothing sound, which may be a more appealing alternative than isochronic tones for some people.

Additional Auto Pan Entrainment Effects

This track also contains includes auto pan modulations, which add a further level of brainwave entrainment effect. Both the left and the right ear will receive a stimulus, but at different times during the modulation cycle. The right ear will receive the first vibration as it pans to the right for the first part of the cycle. Then, the left ear will receive the next vibration as it is panned to the left.

This can produce a dissociative and hypnotic sensation, which can be very relaxing and ideal for meditation and sleep tracks.

What frequency modulations are used in this track?

This track used frequency modulations between 8Hz to 10Hz in Alpha. The frequency is switched to a different random frequency within this 8-10Hz range every 30 seconds. This is done to help prevent habituation, so your brain doesn't get too used to the same frequency, which is especially useful if you listen to this track quite often.

This video is designed to help relieve performance anxiety before a test/exam. Listen to the track prior to an exam to help calm your nerves, and reduce feelings of anxiety or stress.

The audio track uses isochronic tones to cycle through a range of alpha and beta frequencies. This combination is used to help provide some anxiety relief, while still maintaining a high level of focus.

10Hz Alpha range beats are used to lower stress and anxiety levels.

It also stimulates each ear with different Beta frequencies (13Hz to 19Hz). A higher frequency is sent into your right ear during certain parts of the cycle. This helps to correct a hemispheric imbalance, which commonly occurs before an anxiety-producing event; like a test/exam. Because of the frequency difference in each ear, you will need to use headphones to get the full benefit from this track.