3D sleep musicAn 8-hour calming music session for deep sleep with 3D sound placement effects to emulate the feeling of rocking, like a hammock or a baby's cradle. The tones and vibrations in the track help you to synchronize and follow the path of a typical 8-hour sleep cycle.

Get the MP3 version: 3D Sleep – Ambient Thunderstorm 1001

How this 8-hour sleep cycle track works

In addition to the relaxing music soundtrack, this track also contains isochronic tones and amplitude modulation effects applied directly to the music. Amplitude modulation involves a process of distorting the sound to produce vibrations, which vibrate in unison with the frequency of the brainwave entrainment session. These vibrations can sound very hypnotic and relaxing, making them very effective and ideal for a sleep track like this one.

3D Sound Rocking Effects

The sound is modulated to create the perception of a rocking movement, similar to a hammock or a baby cradle. The sound transfers slowly from left to right, and also front to back, as well as a circular motion all around you. I rotate these 3D motion effects every 3 minutes, so you don't get too used to the same type of stimulation.


The track begins at 10Hz and ramps down to 0.75Hz in the deep delta range. It then proceeds to cycle up and down through delta and low theta (going up to 7.83Hz) in places in an attempt to emulate a typical sleep cycle.


You can use this track and benefit from it without headphones, as it doesn't need them to have an effect. However, to fully experience the sound going from left to right, back and forth and all around you, you will need to use headphones/earphones or have speakers situated either side of where you are sleeping.

Best Volume?

It will depend on your personal preference and equipment, but I'd recommend trying the volume quite low so that it's not too distracting.

Original music credit: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com