This deep sleep music track has been embedded with brainwave entrainment tones and delta wave effects. They stimulate your brainwave activity and guide you gently through a typical 8-hour sleep cycle. Use it to help you get to sleep faster, and to keep you asleep during the night if you suffer from insomnia.

How this 8-hour sleep cycle track works

In addition to the relaxing music soundtrack, this track also contains isochronic tones and amplitude entrainment effects embedded in the music. Amplitude entrainment involves a process of distorting the sound to produce vibrations, which vibrate in unison with the frequency of the brainwave entrainment session. These vibrations can sound very hypnotic and relaxing, making them very effective and ideal for a sleep track like this one.

You can see what frequencies have been used and how this 8-hour deep sleep music track has been constructed here.