This power nap music track is designed to quickly relax you and help you to drift off to sleep. In addition to the soothing and relaxing music, isochronic tones and amplitude entrainment effects have been embedded into the music. A 3D sound effect has also been applied to the music, which helps to create a rocking effect illusion, just like a baby's cradle or a rocking chair.

This 30-minute power nap track should be listened to all the way through for the best effect. The frequency of the track increases towards the end, to help wake you up and reduce grogginess.

Key Benefits of a 30 Minute Power Nap

A 30-minute power nap can help improve energy, alertness, stamina, mood, productivity, memory and reduce stress.

How To Use It?

Find a dark comfortable place to rest your head and relax. If you aren't able to nap somewhere dark, try using an eye mask to help block out the light.


You don't need headphones for this track to work and to gain benefit from it. However, to experience the full 3D sound placement effect, headphones/earbuds or having speakers placed either side of you is recommended.

Best time to nap?

The ideal time for a power nap is often mid-afternoon, or maybe at lunchtime if you want to power nap at work. Really it's down to you and when you have time to fit in a power nap. Don't listen to this power nap track too close to bedtime because it might disrupt your sleep.

Frequencies used in this track

The track begins at 10Hz in alpha, then ramps down to 5Hz in theta at the 5-minute mark. It stays at 5Hz until the final minute, where it ramps back up sharply to 10Hz again, to help bring you back out of the nap state.

Original music credit: Chris Collins,