This is where you can find all the videos from the Mind Amend YouTube channel, organized in one place. YouTube does an okay job at organizing videos on a channel, especially with things like playlists. But over time as new videos get added and the channel grows, it can be hard to find what you're looking for, so I've put the videos into categories to make things easier.

The latest video list below shows the most recent 30 videos I've uploaded.  To access the older videos view the relevant video category page, which is linked to via the ‘Videos' link in the main top menu, or via the links in the sidebar (see bottom of the page if viewing on a mobile).

Note: If you click on the category links above the videos below, this doesn't show all the videos in that category, just the most recent ones.

Latest Videos

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    VINCENT PENA says:

    Currently listening to 8 hr Whale Sounds…….. I'VE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THIS…..MESMERIZING & ADDICTIVE. ….

    Will definitely purchase a great deal of your titles. …. You are most Appreciated. ….namaste';)



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