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Purchase Questions

  1. Once you have placed your order and the payment has been successfully processed, you will be automatically transferred to a download page, which contains the links to the mp3 files.
  2. You will also be sent an automated email receipt containing links to the downloads.
  3. You will also be able to log into your account area and access the downloads at any time in the future, via the ‘My Account‘ link found in the top left-hand menu, using the email address and password you entered when placing your order. Once inside the Account Area, you will see a menu link to your download page.

For orders placed before 2018

At the end of 2017 I had to make an update to the download links, which has affected nearly all orders placed before 2018.  If you are trying to access downloads from past orders placed before 2018, the download links in your original purchase email may no longer work.   You can access the downloads from any past orders by logging into the My Account page.

guaranteeYES.  I want you to be extremely happy with any or all of the products you buy from me, which is why all of my products come with a ‘no hassle’ money back guarantee. You have a full 60 days to properly try any product you buy from  If during this time you are not happy with a product for any reason, I will refund you immediately in full!

YES.  Safe and Secure Order Processing – I never ever get access to your debit/credit card numbers, and do not store credit card details, nor do I share customer details with any 3rd parties. For more information on my ordering system and how we secure and handle your credit card information, please refer to my privacy policy.

I only obtain and store your name, email address and billing address on our system; I never have access to or store your credit/debit card or bank information.  I will never sell, share or rent your email address or personal information to any third party.   Depending on which payment option you select, your billing address information will also be handled and dealt with by my third-party payment processors, PayPal ( and Stripe (  For more information on my ordering system and how we secure and handle your credit card information, please refer to my privacy policy.

Equipment and Technical Questions

Downloading to IPads and iPhonesIPads and iPhones can be a little tricky to download files to directly.  For best results I recommend using the Safari browser when trying to access and download the MP3 files.  I've tested downloading with Google Chrome and the MP3 just plays in the browser window instead of downloading, so stick with using Safari.  Once fully downloaded, find and click on your ‘Files' app (it looks like a blue folder) and the file(s) should be found inside the downloads folder in there.

On some laptops and portable devices, you may find that the speakers don’t produce a strong enough bass sound, to hear the Isochronic Tones effectively.  To test this, try plugging in some headphones and compare the sound to just the laptop speakers.  If the Isochronic Tones sound very faint compared to the headphones, this is an indication that the laptop speakers probably don’t have enough bass to be effective.  If that’s the case, I recommend plugging in some external speakers with stronger bass, or to use headphones.

The Isochronic Tones products contain multiple Mp3 files.  So to reduce the number of files you have to download, each 7-pack of MP3s are contained inside an archive folder called a zip file.  You download this single zip file to your computer or mobile etc., then you ‘unzip’ or ‘extract’ the files to access each Mp3. On Windows computers, double-click on the zip file, and you should see an option at the top of the window to ‘Extract the files’.  Click on that and choose a folder to put your Mp3 files into.

Android mobiles don’t always come with the ability to open zip files as standard.  Go to Google play and search for ‘AndroZip File Manager’ which is a free app.  Once installed, open that and it should find your zip files and allow you to unzip them.

If you use a Mac the downloaded files may automatically extract to a new folder, depending on your settings. The original zip archive will be saved; check for a folder with the same name as your zip file. If your Mac doesn’t have the relevant software already installed to handle zip files, there are various free software programs you can install solve this problem.  The most popular free zip program for Mac’s appears to be iZip, available here:

With Isochronic Tones, the main frequency quoted is the ‘pulse’ not pitch. If you’re hearing an Isochronic Tone at 5hz, it means the pulse or beat if you want to call it that, is repeating 5 times per second.  You could clap your hands five times in a second.  If you look at it from that perspective, you can then better understand how it’s measured and how it’s possible to hear it.  You can read or more detailed article on this topic here: How humans can hear below 20Hz.


Isochronic tones and binaural beats are deemed as a safe technology to use.  You may come across a few precautionary warning online, but I have yet to find any actual research studies showing that isochronic tones can be problematic for any particular medical condition.

Do isochronic tones cause seizures?

The most common precautionary warning you may find regarding isochronic tones is for people who are epileptic or prone to seizures.   The warning originated regarding the use of photic brainwave entrainment stimulation (which uses flashing light), not because of audio stimulation.

To quote David Seiver again (one of the pioneers in brainwave entrainment  research from

Auditory entrainment (AE) is a safe alternative for people who have a history of seizures or believe that they might be susceptible to seizures using photic entrainment.

Although I'm not aware of any scientific research suggesting isochronic tones can cause a seizure, if you are someone who is prone to them or in a group at risk from them and you are concerned about it, I recommend that you consult a doctor or medical professional before using them, just to put your mind at rest.


Drink some water – Sometimes, if you listen to brainwave entrainment audio while dehydrated you can start to feel a little head tension, particularly if you listen over a longer period and you are really concentrating.  To prevent this from happening, make sure you are well hydrated before listening and drink a glass of water occasionally as you go if listening over an extended period.

No Commercial Use – Personal Use Only

Please note, all of my tracks are for personal use only, as outlined on my website's terms of use page.

I get regular requests asking if my tracks can be used in apps, be part of a commercial product, in YouTube videos etc.  Please be aware that is NOT allowed and to refer to my terms of use page.

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