iPads and iPhonesUnlike Windows PC's, Macs and Android devices, because of the way iPads and iPhones manage files, it's not possible to download files directly from websites to them, unless you are using some kind of download manager app.

There are two main ways to get my music downloaded and onto your iPad or iPhone:

#1 Best Option – Download the files to a Windows PC or Mac first.  Add the files to iTunes manually on there, connect your iPad or iPhone to it and sync iTunes and the files over to it.

#2 Second Best Option – There are some free and low cost download manager apps in the iTunes store.  Using the download manager app you can login into your MindAmend.com account area and download the files.  The drawback is that the music will usually need to be played and accessed from within the download manager app, not iTunes.  So if you want to play and manage my music tracks using iTunes, choose the first option above.

Downloading Zip files

IPads and iPhones also have problems downloading zip files by default.  There is a free app called iZip which can help you to download and open zip files.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact me.

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