Theta Brainwaves Frequency Guide

The Theta brainwave state ranges between 4 – 8 Hz, and is usually experienced during light sleep or extreme relaxation.

Deep Relaxation and Meditation

With practice and experience, it is possible to reach the Theta state through meditation, but you can speed up this process with Mind Amend's brain entrainment programs.

Hypnosis and Self Programming

The Theta state can also be used to change habits, with hypnosis and self-programming using pre-recorded suggestions.  Hypnosis practitioners will try to get you into a deep state of relaxation, but for many of us, this is hard to achieve.  By listening to our brainwave entrainment music your brain can be guided into a relaxed Theta state with ease.

Improve Long-Term Memory and Learning Ability

Theta is a state that's perfect for absorbing new information, that can be stored in your long-term memory.

Children spend much of their early years in the Theta state, which is why they are able to consume huge amounts of new information in such a short space of time.   As adults, we can recapture our early learning abilities through Theta brainwave entrainment.

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Other Brain States

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