Delta Brainwaves Frequency Guide

Delta waves are the slowest of all brainwave frequencies and range between 1 – 4 Hz.  If your dominant brainwave frequency is Delta you are in a deep sleep.

For Healing and Sleep

It's during this deep Delta state that your body does it's best healing and replenishes itself.  Which is why it's so important to try and get a great nights sleep.

However, in today's busy and hectic lifestyle, it's often not that easy to get a good night's sleep.  At least not as often as you'd like.  By using our Delta brainwave programs you can get your brain into a Delta state with ease.

Listening to just one hour of Delta entrainment can be like the equivalent of getting 3-4 hours of normal sleep.

Access Your Subconscious Mind

The Delta state can also be used to access your subconscious, for powerful reprogramming and the deepest forms of meditation.

Other Brain States

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