What Do Alpha Waves Do?

alpha-wavesThe Alpha range is between 8hz – 12hz, and in this state we are awake but relaxed and not processing much information.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

The Alpha state is a very calming and enjoyable state of consciousness to be in.  It's where you want to be if you are feeling stressed and anxious.  This can be effortlessly achieved with our range of Alpha entrainment programs.

Stimulate Creativity and Heighten Intuition

Creative people like artists, designers and musicians, often naturally produce a very high amount of Alpha waves.  You can tap into this creative power and energy by stimulating your brainwaves to a predominantly Alpha state through entrainment.


The Alpha brainwave range is also a prime state for visualization techniques.

Alpha brainwave frequencies research

Brain States

2 thoughts on “What Do Alpha Waves Do?”

  1. Hi Jason, I have a question for you. I was wondering if there is a preferred ear for some of these brainwave states. For example, if I can only have one ear bud in at a time, which ear, if there is one better than the other, should I choose if I am wanting to relax, or get adhd relief, sleep better, etc.?

    1. Hi Jamie,

      If you only use one earbud it doesn’t matter which ear, as you will end up with a whole brain effect. When a sound enters your ear, the first response is seen in the opposite side of the brain but then you also get a reaction in the same side of the brain where your earbud is in.

      For something like ADHD it can be helpful to listen to beta waves in one ear and experience a whole brain beta wave boost. However, if you want to target the left brain specifically, which for most people is where logic, language, mathematics, thinking in words happens etc., then you need to stimulate that side of the brain with a different frequency. Like with my ADHD Intense Relief tracks. For those types of split hemisphere tracks you will both earbuds. You can’t influence one side of the brain with one earbud, as your brain will instinctively stimulate both sides with that sound.

      For everything else, you can just use one earbud and it doesn’t matter which side.

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