Theta Brainwaves Frequency Guide

The Theta brainwave state ranges between 4 – 8 Hz, and is usually experienced during light sleep or extreme relaxation.

Deep Relaxation and Meditation

With practice and experience, it is possible to reach the Theta state through meditation, but you can speed up this process with Mind Amend's brain entrainment programs.

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Gamma Brainwaves Frequency Guide

Gamma waves function at the highest and fastest range in the brain at 40+ Hz.

Inspired Thinking and  Increased Concentration

The Gamma state is experienced during super high levels of focus, and periods of peak cognitive functioning.

Stimulating Gamma waves can also help induce an intense state of energy, and mind alertness.

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Delta Brainwaves Frequency Guide

Delta waves are the slowest of all brainwave frequencies and range between 1 – 4 Hz.  If your dominant brainwave frequency is Delta you are in a deep sleep.

For Healing and Sleep

It's during this deep Delta state that your body does it's best healing and replenishes itself.  Which is why it's so important to try and get a great nights sleep.

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Brainwave Frequencies Guide

Your Different Mental States, Measured By Your Brainwave Frequency

Through the advancement of neurological research, we are now able to accurately identify what frequency ranges our brainwaves are in, during certain mental states.

For example:

  • Gamma 40+ Hz is experienced during extreme alertness, high energy and times of intense focus.
  • Beta' 12hz – 40hz, is the most common mental state for most of us when we are awake during the day.
  • The ‘Alpha' range is between 8hz – 12hz, and in this state we are awake but relaxed, and not processing much information.
  • During light sleep or deep relaxation we are usually in between the 4hz to 8hz range. Also known as ‘Theta'.
  • When we are in a deep sleep, our brainwave frequency is usually very low, between 0 hz to 4hz which is also referred to as ‘Delta'.

With this knowledge and more in depth research, we are now able to develop brainwave entrainment programs, to match the frequency range of our desired mental state, and produce brainwave synchronization.

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Beta Brainwaves Frequency Guide

Beta 12hz – 40hz, is the most common mental state for most of us when we are awake during the day. However, many people don't experience enough Beta activity in their brain, which can cause emotional or mental disorders such as depression, ADD and insomnia.

Brain Health Booster

Stimulating Beta activity can improve emotional stability, concentration, alertness and energy levels.

Beta brainwave frequencies research

Other Brain States


What Do Alpha Waves Do?

alpha-wavesThe Alpha range is between 8hz – 12hz, and in this state we are awake but relaxed and not processing much information.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

The Alpha state is a very calming and enjoyable state of consciousness to be in.  It's where you want to be if you are feeling stressed and anxious.  This can be effortlessly achieved with our range of Alpha entrainment programs.

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