How Isochronic Tones Work

Isochronic Tones – The Most Effective Form Of Audio Brainwave Entrainment

Isochronic Tones without musiclsochronic tones are created in a completely different way to Binaural Beats. Instead of two different tones being combined together, just a single repeating tone is used.

The beat is created by turning the tone on and off at regular intervals. This is also referred to as Amplitude Entrainment.

As you can see from diagram below, Isochronic Tones are significantly more obvious and stronger. The resulting entrainment effect is much more powerful than Binaural Beats.

Isochronic Tones Mixed With Music

Brainwave entrainment can be mixed with normal music and white noise very effectively, which can really enhance the user experience and make the beats more pleasant and relaxing to to listen to.

The image below shows an Isochronic Tone that has been mixed with music. Although the individual pulses are not separated as clearly, the resulting entrainment effect is still very effective on the brain.


19 thoughts on “How Isochronic Tones Work”

    1. Hi Linda, as a general overall guide it’s not recommended to listen to any form of brainwave entrainment while driving. Isochronic tones haven’t been officially tested in a driving environment and because they alter your mental state, it isn’t advisable to use them while doing that, or operating any dangerous machinery.

      Body position is important and relates to the track you are listening to. If you’re listening to a sleep track, you should be lying down. For relaxation and meditation type tracks, you can either sit in a lotus type position or sit back in a comfortable chair, but not lying down. For more energizing tracks and those for increasing focus and concentration, you will be better off listening in a more upright seated position, or even standing if doing an activity like working out.

    2. Haha, I’ve played delta waves and was cruising at 80 mph…but after observing how other people are affected by lostening to binaurals, I don’t get easily droswy… so I’d probably maybe testing it out first by doing a different activity first while playing the beats first (like writing, cooking, knitting( to see how well you can function before driving

    1. Hi Jerry, if you know how to mix music together, you can try doing this using the ‘just tones’ version of my products. All of my background tracks were created specifically for using with brainwave entrainment, because it works better if the track you’re mixing it with has a more continuous sound throughout, with minimal stops and starts and blank breaks in the sound. So bare that in mind when choosing what music to mix them with.

  1. Your help in getting my order through is greatly appreciated. I’ve downloaded the 7 tracks for stress relief and will listen at a break at work. My goal is to de-stress in the middle of the day for a more peaceful work experience in a high stress environment. I’ll keep you posted on my experiment.

  2. hi, i had been looking such music for a long time. ultimately i found it. thanks a lot for this… i have downloaded “Cognition Enhancer For Clearer and Faster Thinking – Isochronic Tones”just would like to know that how many times in i should listen it a day?

    1. Hi Ajay, there isn’t really a specific amount of times you can listen to a track for, as it will largely depend on the individual. I have some listeners where once a day is enough, any other people will listen for a number of hours at a time. What I would suggest is starting off slowly and not jumping straight into a long session. See how things go and how you respond to the stimulation, and if you feel you want more, build it up gradually so you don’t feel like you over done it. When you do listen for longer periods it’s also a good idea to top up on water as you go, to keep your brain hydrated.

    1. Hi Vivek, no the effects from brainwave entrainment aren’t permanent. There are not many ways to permanently change your brain in a positive way, short of surgery. I’m not aware of any evidence suggesting subliminal messages can permanently change you either.

      When you’re able to improve your thinking and mental state, you nearly always have to do things to maintain that state over time. Not necessarily every day, but you have to keep stimulating your brain and working on how you feel and respond mentally, if you want to maintain a certain level.

      This is actually a good thing in many ways, because imagine if something changed the way you think, but then you didn’t like the results and couldn’t change things back?

  3. Do your products work on someone with a brain injury? I listened to one on YouTube for about 10 minutes and my brain feels scrambled and not thinking right since. I made me very jumpy and restless. 10 minutes is all I could stand. What is your thinking on this problem of those of us with brain injuries?

    1. Hi Barb, I’ve only come across a small amount of mixed anecdotal feedback from people with brain injuries, using this type of brainwave entrainment stimulation. I’m not aware of any formal research using it in relation to brain injuries, so that’s still an experimental area. As brain injuries are so diverse in their impact, it would probably be difficult to make a track that would be suitable for a wide range of people. It’s the type of thing that would need some trial an error with different frequencies, to see what might work for the individual. Because of how you felt from using it after just a short while, I’d recommend you consult with a doctor before trying this type of stimulation again, just to be on the safe side.

  4. Martholomew JoJo Simpson

    Hello Jason, I’ve been listening to Cognition Enhancer for a good 3 years straight and it has helped significantly with my thought process and also being better able to control my routine tasks. I can construct myself more efficiently and productively, also whilst at the gym, I can develop an strategic game plan that will lead to an adequate amount of fitness exertion. I can also think more freely and constructively. I recommend to the people who are sceptical about this, I’ve actually greatly enhanced my life as well. I can feel more ‘godly’ if you will, I can emphasize with other individuals as previously I found it pretty difficult, due to a complex host of issues that needed release. I Suffer from ADHD, OCD & PTS which has been alleviated by far and large by this ‘program’. I Recommend this Product 10/10. Guarantee. Government-Certified. Should be taught in school about brainwave synchronisation and the many benefits that come packed. It is far less pronounced and is far less harmful then taking any sort of medication, whether that be Tablets or other stuff. (Can help with alleviating pain albeit temporarily)

  5. Hi Jason, I know you mentioned it is inadvisable to listen to entrainment tones/beats while driving… but if they are tracks in beta or gamma range, since those are supposed to (from what I’very read so far) increase alertness and what not?

    Also, again I did see the answer for a similar comment, but to be clear: for sleep, will any positive effects be gained listening while you sleep, rather than only before?

    Last question is whether there is any benefit listening to various tracks throughout the day, while walking, doing chores, etc… or if the only real benefit is from listening to one specific track for a certain time while actively meditating?

    1. Logic would say that it may be advantageous to make yourself more alert while driving, with beta or gamma tones. But I do advise against it, mainly because it hasn’t been tested in that environment. Also because I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where someone fell asleep at the wheel, and their family comes to me and says ‘hey you told them it would make them more alert while driving’ etc. I’m sure some people would use them when they are very tired and expect too much from them, and think it’s still ok to drive. So it’s a precautioning recommendation, because I’m not able to govern exactly how they are used, or able to effectively say when it may or not be safe for someone to use them in that situation.

      The effects from these tones are not permanent or long lasting, so there’s no real benefit in listening to them during part of the day, for a potential benefit later on. Think of it terms of how people drink coffee or an energy drink for a quick boost of energy. The tracks are generally used on an ‘as and when you want that benefit or to be in that mental state now’ kind of situation. So like you say, you would listen to a meditation track while you are actually meditating. Or a track to help you focus, while you are actually studying/working etc.

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