High Energy Builder

New High Energy Builder with Isochronic Tones

I've just added a new addition to my Energy and Motivation category. ‘High Energy Builder' is a 60 minute isochronic tones session, which can be used in the mornings to help wake you up, or to boost energy while running or during a gym workout session. High Energy Builder is a fair bit longer that […]

New Memorization Study Aid

New: Memorization Study Aid

If you are revising and studying for an exam, you can help boost your ability to remember and retain more information, by doing it in a more relaxed Alpha state. Memorization Study Aid is an extended 3 hour track, which stimulates your brainwaves to an optimum Alpha frequency of 10.2 Hz.   This new isochronic […]

Peak Focus For Complex Tasks

New: Peak Focus For Complex Tasks

It can be hard to maintain a high level of concentration at times, especially when working on difficult and complex tasks like mathematics, scientific formulas, data analysis or similar mentally taxing activities.  Brainwave entrainment, in particular isochronic tones, can be very useful in helping you to reach and maintain a high level of focus. Peak […]

New white, pink and brown noise tracks

New White, Pink and Brown Noise Tracks

I've just added a new addition to my Ambient Soundscapes range.  This ‘noise' package consists of three 60 minute tracks: White, Pink and Brown Noise Mp3's White Noise: Sounds like TV static. It uses a random mix of high and low frequencies across the entire spectrum Pink Noise: The higher frequencies are not as loud, so pink […]

Cognition Enhancer Extended Version

New 3 Hour Cognition Enhancer Extended Version – Electronic

I'm often asked if I have longer versions of my tracks, in particular for things like studying and sleep.  Some of my tracks can simply be looped, but often the isochronic tones begin and end at different frequencies, so looping a standard session is not always ideal. The best solution is to create a session […]

Theta and Delta Power Napping

Power Napping – Improve Memory, Alertness and Productivity

There are many proven benefits of taking a nap during the day, including increasing alertness, stamina and productivity, elevating your mood and improving your ability to memorize information.  I've just added two new power nap products to my isochronic tones range: Theta Power Nap – 30 minutes Deep Delta Power Nap – 60 minutes One […]

How can humans hear below 20Hz?

How Can Humans Hear Frequencies Below 20Hz?

A common question I'm often asked is: ‘how come it's possible to hear such low frequencies, because humans aren't supposed to be able to hear below 20Hz?' Similarly…'will I be able to hear the 10Hz tones, as the spec on my headphones/speakers says they only work in the 20-20000Hz range?' They are both good questions, […]

Sensorimotor Rhythm - SMR

Mental Training For Insomniacs – Sensorimotor Rhythm (SMR)

EEG researchers have found that SMR frequencies are particilarly low in insomniacs.  With regular stimulation of the SMR frequency range using isochronic tones, you can help boost your levels of SMR, and try to train your brain to produce more on its own. The SMR frequency range of 12-15Hz (low Beta) is very popular with […]

Better Sleep for Chattery Minds

New – Better Sleep For Chattery Minds

If you're somone who finds it hard to sleep, because your mind seems to go into overdrive when you hit the pillow…Better Sleep For Chattery Minds was created for you. This sleep track differs from my other Sleep Induction, as it concentrates on a lot more on getting you into an extremely relaxed state, before […]

Get in the zone and experience the flow

New – Get In The Zone – Experience The ‘Flow'

Get In The Zone is a new isochronic tones product that will help stimulate your brain into a peak performance state, often referred to as ‘being in the zone', or ‘in the flow'. ‘The Zone' is that mental place experienced by sports people, gamers, artists, financial traders etc., where their brain seems to switch off […]