Reduce The Symptoms Of Stress and Anxiety With Isochronic Tones


When you find yourself stressed out, your dominant brainwave frequencies will be at a much higher frequency than normal. The stress relief Isochronic Tones sessions will help guide your brain down to a calmer and more relaxed state.

Reduce Anxiety

Just like with stress, your brain frequencies are often very high when you feel anxious, and this can be remedied with a calming entrainment session.

If you are feeling anxious before a particular activity like a public speaking, an exam, social event or sporting activity, this often produces a hemisphere imbalance, where the frequency is higher on one side of your brain than the other.  This can be corrected by targeting each side of your brain with a slightly different frequency, guiding you back to a more balanced and relaxed state.

I'll soon be releasing some new entrainment sessions, that you can use to help correct a hemisphere imbalance, and help relieve performance related anxiety issues.

To view the full product description and listen to a samples of each entrainment session, please click on the product images or titles below.

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