Theta and Delta Power Napping

Power Napping – Improve Memory, Alertness and Productivity

There are many proven benefits of taking a nap during the day, including increasing alertness, stamina and productivity, elevating your mood and improving your ability to memorize information.  I've just added two new power nap products to my isochronic tones range:

Theta Power Nap – 30 minutes

Deep Delta Power Nap – 60 minutes

One drawback from taking a nap is that it can take a little while to recover from this short period of sleep, just like when you wake up in the morning.  This is known as ‘sleep inertia'.  The longer you nap for, the stronger the effects of sleep inertia become and the longer it takes for you to become fully alert again.

One advantage with these isochronic tones sessions, is that the frequency increases back up to 12Hz in Beta towards to the end, which helps reduce the feeling of grogginess and sleep inertia you can experience from napping.

Another benefit is that the tones help to guide your brainwaves down to a very relaxed mental state, making it easier for you to fall asleep and nap when you want to.

Power Nap Discount Package

Purchased separately, each power nap product (7 mp3's) is priced at $4.95 each.  If you purchase them together as a power nap discount package, you can get them both for $7.95, saving $2.00.

Get The Power Nap Package Here

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