Daydream Meditation

New Daydream Meditation Suite – 10Hz Alpha State

I've just created a new addition to the Mind Amend range called “Daydream Meditation“.  It's an Isochronic Tones session based around the 10Hz Alpha state, which is the state of mind people are in when deeply involved in a daydream.

You get 5 different background sounds to choose from

As usual, I've created a selection of different background sounds for more variety, so you can choose which track suits your current mood.

Note: Laptop speakers are usually too small to produce enough bass to hear the entrainment tones effectively. So for better sound quality and results, we recommend using external speakers or headphones.

Find out more here > Daydream Meditation

Ambient Soundscapes

15 Hours Of New Ambient Soundscapes and Nature Sounds

I've been busy uploading the videos to the Mind Amend Youtube Channel all week, and I'm pleased to announce the full release of the Mind Amend Ambient Soundscapes collection on Mp3. I decided to release this collection, after getting numerous enquiries about the background sounds on my Isochronic Tones tracks.  Sometimes you might not feel like using brainwave entrainment, but still want a nice calming track to relax or meditate to.  That's what these full 60 minute nature soundscapes were made for.

15 Ambient Nature Soundscapes – Each Track 60 Minutes

None of these tracks contain any form of brainwave entrainment, just music. 

Babbling-Brook Babbling Brook Beach-Storm Beach Storm Beach-WavesBeach Waves
CricketsCrickets Forest-SoundsForest Sounds Forest-Sounds-With-Babbling-BrookForest Sounds With Babbling Brook
Gentle-Beach-WavesGentle Beach Waves Metal-Crystal-BowlsMetal Crystal Bowls RainRain
Rain-With-Metal-Crystal-BowlsRain With Metal Crystal Bowls Rain-With-Wind-ChimesRain With Wind Chimes ThunderstormThunderstorm
Whale-SoundsWhale Sounds Wind-Chimes-With-Light-WindWind Chimes With Light Wind WindWind Sounds

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Ambient Soundscapes

New Ambient Soundscapes Coming Shortly…

I will shortly be releasing a range of ambient soundscapes.  You will have heard many of these soundscapes as background tracks, on the Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats sessions.  I'm now making many of these background tracks available on their own, without any brainwave entrtainment mixed with them.

This new range of soundscapes will include:

  • Babbling Brook
  • Beach Waves
  • Beach Storm
  • Crickets
  • Forest Sounds
  • Forest Sounds With Babbling Brook
  • Gentle Beach Waves
  • Metal Crystal Bowls
  • Rain
  • Rain With Metal Crystal Bowls
  • Rain With Wind Chimes
  • Thunderstorm
  • Whale Sounds
  • Wind Chimes With Light Wind
  • Wind Sounds

Mind Amend YouTube ChannelsI'll also be releasing full length videos for each soundscapes on the Mind Amend YouTube Channel.  Look out in the next few days for an update on the new releases.

Tension Headache Relief

New Tension Headache Relief Product Release

If you suffer from tension headaches and would prefer not to pop headache pills, take a look at the new Tension Headache Relief Suite.

It's a short Delta brainwave entrainment track with Isochronic Tones, targeting the low 1-2Hz range.

The full suite comes with a total of 5 mp3 tracks, with different background tracks. These include: beach waves, metal crystal bowls, rain wind chines and a track with no background sound (just the tones).  This gives you a wider choice to choose from, so you can select the track that suits your mood.

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