New updated area for Mind Amend videos

Newly Updated Area for Mind Amend Videos

I've recently updated and upgraded the area of my site where I showcase my YouTube videos.

I created a video section of my website some time ago, as I wanted to make it easier for people to find the relevant videos in each category.  The way I had it set up and organised originally, meant that I found it hard to keep it up to date and display everything how I wanted it.

I've now revamped the whole video section, making it much easier to find videos relating to a specific category and product.

Each video now has it's own page, as well as an easier to use page for each category, where you'll be able to browse and find all the videos I've uploaded for each specific category.

To view the new and update area, either visit the main video page here, or go to to a specific video category listed below:

Anxiety and Stress Videos
Creativity and Brainstorming Videos
Energy and Motivation Videos
Health and Healing Videos
Intelligence and Brainpower Videos
Meditation and Relaxation Videos
Sleeping and Dreaming Videos
Sports Performance Videos
Study and Learning Videos
Single Frequency Isochronic Tones Videos
Positive Affirmations Videos
Ambient Soundscapes Videos

Note: The video pages are linked to in the main top menu on my website, plus you'll see a video menu in the sidebar when viewing any video page.

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