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New, Shorter 10 Minute Positive Affirmations Product Range

Affirmations can be a very useful and effective way to help correct bad habits, get through tough times, overcome adversity and to develop new positive habits and ways of thinking.

I've had a small range of affirmations products for some time now, for confidence, positivity, millionaire mindset and procrastination.

The original tracks used isochronic tones in theta, to help relax you before delivering the affirmations.  Over time, through my own regular use of affirmations tracks and from getting lots of feedback from people using them, I've realised that there is a better and more useful way of delivering these types of affirmations.

The Demand For Shorter Affirmations Tracks

To get the most benefit from an affirmations track it's best to listen to them regularly, every day, over a period of time.  This is because bad habits, thoughts and negative feelings usually creep up on us over time, and it usually takes time to correct and replace them with positive ones.

My original affirmations tracks were 30 minutes long, but the problem is most people are very busy these days and it's hard to commit to doing something every day for 30 minutes.

This was reflected in the most common questions I'm asked regarding my affirmations tracks, which usually goes something like ‘can I stop half way through and not go all the way to the end?'

The obvious answer was to create much shorter affirmations tracks, so that they are a lot easier and more practical to use, particularly when used on a daily or regular basis.

My Original Affirmations Tracks Have Been Discontinued

So as not to make things overly confusing, I decided to discontinue my older 30 minute affirmations tracks.  So all my new affirmations tracks will now be just 10 minutes in length.

New Range of Affirmations Tracks

The new affirmations tracks use isochronic tones in Alpha 8.4Hz, instead of the lower Theta frequency I used previously.  This is a very relaxing frequency, but much easier for your brain to entrain to and reach over this shorter period.

To get the new range kick started, I've re-released the original products with new background tracks…

Stop Procrastination Affirmations Be More Confident Positive Affirmations Millionaire Mindset Affirmations Be More Positive affirmations

First and Second Person Affirmations

Each affirmations product also now comes with a choice of either ‘First Person' or ‘Second Person' Affirmations.

  • First person affirmations are spoken in terms of ‘I am‘ etc.
  • Second person affirmations and spoken in terms of ‘You are‘ etc.

If you've used affirmation recordings before, you may already have a preference to which type you prefer and there is still some debate in the community as to which version is more effective.   However, if you are unsure which version to go for, I recommend the ‘Second Person' affirmations tracks, as I believe this format is most effective when you are hearing someone eles's voice (i.e. mine).

For maximum effect, I recommend going for both first and second person affirmations and rotating which version you use.  If you decide to go for that option I've created a nice discount for you.

Check out the new affirmations tracks here:

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