Get in the zone and experience the flow

New – Get In The Zone – Experience The ‘Flow’

Get In The Zone is a new isochronic tones product that will help stimulate your brain into a peak performance state, often referred to as ‘being in the zone', or ‘in the flow'.

‘The Zone' is that mental place experienced by sports people, gamers, artists, financial traders etc., where their brain seems to switch off all outside distractions and almost run on pure instinct, with a heightened level of focus, quick reflexes, energy and creativity.

This new track stimulates your brainwaves to help emulate this zone state in your mind.

More info here > Get In The Zone – Experience The ‘Flow'

2 thoughts on “New – Get In The Zone – Experience The ‘Flow’”

  1. Paulo Carvalho

    Hi, James

    I have discovered right today about isochroinc tones and you helped me a lot with your post.
    Great work, man!

    I´m in contact because i´m trader and the “get in the zone” looks like very suitable for me.
    I´ll by it right now!

    But, what else would you suggest for somebody that gets on the screen 7h/day?

    Best regards


    1. Thanks for your compliment on my work. For trading, I’d recommend my Cognition Enhancer product which is designed to get you into a relaxed focused mental state. If you use it with headphones on it will also help to make your left brain more dominant while listening. I think that combination is a good fit for a trader.

      I have an extended 3-hour version – or a shorter 30-minute version –

      I hope that helps.

      P.S. My apologies for the slow reply, I got a bug on Saturday morning and I’ve only just got back into the work groove this morning.

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