Multi Purchase Discounts

New Discounts For Multi-Product Purchases

Multi purchase discountsI've introduced a new range of discounts, which come into place when you order 3 products or more.

  • 30% discount when you order 3 to 4 products.
  • 40% discount when you order 5 to 9 products.
  • 50% discount when you order 10 or more products.

There's no need to apply any coupon codes, as the discount is automatically created when you add a new product to the cart.  You'll notice that when you've added a third product to the shopping cart, that a 30% discount is automatically applied to the order.  Likewise, when you've added a fifth product to the cart, a 40% discount is triggered, then once you hit 10 products the 50% discount is applied.

If the discount doesn't trigger automatically for you for some reason, please get in touch with me.

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