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New – Be More Confident Affirmations in Theta

Whether you want to boost your self confidence for a one-off event, or increase your general confidence levels, listening to affirmations can be very effective. ‘Be More Confident' is the first in a new range of Positive Affirmations products I am developing.

Affirmations are positive and specific statements used to try and overcome negative thoughts and thinking. Although many people find positive affirmations very helpful, they don't always work for everyone.

The Wrong Way to Use Affirmations

One of the biggest reasons affirmations don't work for people, is that they are used when the brain is not in the right state to receive them. If you try using affirmations when you're in a fully awakened state, their effect is going to be greatly reduced for most people.

The Right Way

If you haven't been hypnotized yourself, I'm sure you've seen it done on TV. It's no coincidence that all hypnotists spend a fair amount of time trying to relax and calm you, before they even think about making suggestions to you. They know that if you are extremely relaxed and ‘almost' sleepy, you are in a prime state for suggestibility.

A Short-Cut to Affirmation Success

The new ‘Positive Affirmations' Mp3 sessions use Isochronic Tones.  Your brainwaves are guided down to the very relaxed and hyper suggestible Theta frequency of 6.5Hz.   Once the session reaches this frequency, you will start to hear 7 positive affirmations.  The affirmations are then repeated while you are in this state of Theta.

Each session/Mp3 track lasts 30 minutes.  As you get closer to the end of the track, the Isochronic Tones are gradually ramped back up to a higher frequency in Beta.  Beta is the most common mental state for most of us when we are awake during the day.

Each affirmations product comes with 7 alternative background tracks, so that you don't get bored when you use them frequently.

They also come with the option of either male or female voice affirmations. Plus there's a package discount if you decide to have them both.

male-affirmations OR  female-affirmations

More info here > Be More Confident Positive Affirmations in Theta

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