Ambient Soundscapes

New Ambient Soundscapes Coming Shortly…

I will shortly be releasing a range of ambient soundscapes.  You will have heard many of these soundscapes as background tracks, on the Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats sessions.  I'm now making many of these background tracks available on their own, without any brainwave entrtainment mixed with them.

This new range of soundscapes will include:

  • Babbling Brook
  • Beach Waves
  • Beach Storm
  • Crickets
  • Forest Sounds
  • Forest Sounds With Babbling Brook
  • Gentle Beach Waves
  • Metal Crystal Bowls
  • Rain
  • Rain With Metal Crystal Bowls
  • Rain With Wind Chimes
  • Thunderstorm
  • Whale Sounds
  • Wind Chimes With Light Wind
  • Wind Sounds

Mind Amend YouTube ChannelsI'll also be releasing full length videos for each soundscapes on the Mind Amend YouTube Channel.  Look out in the next few days for an update on the new releases.

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