ADD/ADHD Intense Relief

New ADD/ADHD Relief and Intense Relief Suites – Isochronic Tones

These new Isochionic Tones sessions will help correct slow wave imbalance in the left brain hemisphere, which is a common condition of the ADD/ADHD disorders.

The right ear ( which stimulates the left brain) is sent a higher frequency, which works to even up the frequencies between each side and provide a more balanced state of mind.

The ADD – ADHD Relief Suite is the one I'd recommend to start using first, as the gap in the frequency range is narrower.  For a stronger session, the ADD – ADHD Intense Relief Suite is the one to go on to.  The intense version stimulates a much higher frequency range in the left brain.

Both suites come with a full range of 7 alternative background sound options each, including one with just the tones on their own (no soundtrack)

Package Discount

If you decide to purchase both products together there is a package discount available, which works out at close to half price on the second product.

=> ADD – ADHD Relief Suite

=> ADD – ADHD Intense Relief Suite

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