A relaxing sound of wind chimes in a light wind, very calming.

Format: Mp3 download
Length: 60 minutes

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wind-chimes-light-wind-mp3Own The Mp3…

Download the full 60 minute high quality Mp3 version of Wind Chimes With Light Wind. With the Mp3 version you can listen to it anytime without having to be online. It’s compatible with all the following:

  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • iPad, iPods etc.
  • Mp3 player
  • Laptop/PC
  • Or burn it to a CD

Plus the Mp3 version comes with a nice cover graphic, that’ll look cool in your digital music library.


  1. Kloxboy


    Better than most chime recordings/compositions on YT, these chimes sound light and natural. Some chime vids are jarringly loud and all over the place, yet they’re advertised as sleep-aide videos. Your soundscape is superior, well done.

  2. Cesia Gaitan Morales


    Super bonita!

  3. 0dysseusss


    This is very nice…I listen to this gentle sound to calm me down and if I listen long enough it makes me want to go to sleep. I have made my own chimes and wife and I love to sit out on the porch and listen to them. Thanks my friend :)

  4. DanskRidder


    Excellent sound quality, the best recordings I have found online. I use this mp3 for Meditations. Great job.

  5. Alexa Penn


    mmmmmm – beatiful – takes me away to white clouds, blue sky and soft white snow drifting

  6. Lori Pouttu


    Perfect background for focus and enlightenment while working. Thanks Jason!

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