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Positive Affirmations in Theta with Isochronic Tones

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This focus track doesn't seem as effective as the others I've tried... ...»
Matthew Wong
I have been using the deep theta meditation programs with great results and discovered the benefits .. ...»
Ralph N Rodriguez

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As a reward for buying more products on the same order, I've set up an automated discount system. Once you've added any 3 products to the shopping cart, you'll see a 30% discount appear in the cart.  

As you add more products, the next higher discount offer will be automatically applied. I hate seeing orders for just 2 products on their own, because I know the customer could have got another product for hardly anything extra.  So buy smart, and checkout the discounts.  - Jason ;)

Isochronic Tones Software

If you want to get into creating your own Isochonic Tones, and customizing brainwave entrainment sessions for yourself, I highly recommend the software from Transparent Corp.

Nuroprogrammer 3If you're just starting out, I'd begin by getting Neuroprammer 3.  It has lots of in-built sessions with detailed guides and help files.

Mind Workstation softwareMind WorkStation is the most cutting edge brainwave entrainment software on the market. I've been using it since the day it came out in 2008 and absolutely love it.  It's what I use to create all the brainwave entrainment products on Mind Amend.